The Pavilion

The Pavilion can accommodate any type of party, whether it’s a Birthday, Christening or just an excuse to celebrate...


The Pavilion boasts a full size all weather pitch, a selection of natural grass pitches and extensive changing facilities.


The Pavilion is the most flexible venue within the Birmingham area, with a variety of options available for your conference needs. 




Event Venue Hire

The Pavilion prides itself on being the most flexible venue within the Birmingham area.  With seven different room combinations and our unique portable walls we can create just the right amount of space to suit your needs.

Events Facilities

Whether it’s a Birthday, Christening or just an excuse to celebrate, The Pavilion can accommodate any type of party.

  • Fully licensed bar
  • The Pearson Banqueting Suite
  • In-House Catering
  • Chair covers
  • Stunning pavilion terrace
  • Free Car Parking



Room Hire Prices

Friday & Saturday
19:00 – 12:30 Bar Close
01:00am Event Finish

AreaCostMaximum Capacity
Bar Area£480.00200
Pearson Suite£600.00150
Whole Venue£980.00350

Wedding Breakfast & Reception from £1500.00.  Prices include table cloths and security.

Bar Extensions
Bar extentions are available at a cost of £200. With an extention, the bar will close at 01:30 with an event finish time of 02:00am.

For prices for Sunday & Mid week functions please speak to reception

Deposits & Bookings

To the secure the date a booking form needs to be completed & a non-refundable deposit needs to be paid.

To the secure the date a booking form needs to be completed & a non-refundable deposit needs to be paid.

Full Payments should be made 4 weeks prior to the event.
Weddings need to be paid in full 8 weeks prior to the event. 



Terms and Conditions

Outside services
The companys prior consent must be sought for any services contracted by the client for a particular event, including, fireworks, entertainment marquees soft play/inflatables etc. All relevant health and safety certification will be requested fot the outside services.

Property and Goods
The company does not accept responsibilty in any way for clients property. Any goods deposited with employees of the company or left within companys premises is done so at the owners risk.

Any damage wilful or otherwise to the premises, furnishings, fixtures or fittings will be the responsiblitly of the client and must be paid for on the request of the company. Inappropriate, wilful damage or any criminal act will be dealt with accordingly and may warrant police or approtritate authority action. We reserve the right to close down the event



Cancellation by the client

Should the client have to cancel prior to the event the following charges will be enforced

Party bookings
Cancellation less than 4 weeks prior to your party date = 100%

Wedding receptions
Cancellation 8 weeks prior to your party date = 50%
Cancellation 4 weeks prior to your party date = 100%

Cancellation by the company / venue

We reserve the right to cancel your booking with immediate effect and without liabilty if at the sole discretion of the company of the venue it appears:

  1. The event is of a different nature to that confirmed by the client
  2. The event may be illegal
  3. The event may bring bad publicity or disrepute upon thePavilion
  4. It is possible the client may not be able to honour obligations under the terms and conditions contract
  5. The number of attendees may exceed published capacity figures and it is not possible to reorganise the venue to accommodate the booking.
  6. The client fails to pay any required advance payment
  7. The client breaches and of the conditions of these signed terms and conditions.

In the event of cancellation under the circumstances desribed above, any advance payment paid by the client may at the sole discretion of the company or venue be retained.

The company or venue may cancel your booking with immediate effect and without liabitly in cirmcumstances outside our reasonable control. These may include, although no exclusively, act of god, fire, strikes, lock out or industrial action whether involving the company  or  third party or any act or omission by the client. Clients agents or clients employess or guests.

The company or venue cancels the clients booking in circumstances detailes in any advance payment paid to the company or venue will be refunded unless cancellation is related to acts or omissions by the client, clients agent or clients employees or guests.

If the client wishes to cancel the booking after confirmation , the client must call the company or the venue immediatly to notify them of the intention. Any notification of cancellation will follow  the charges detailed as above.

Complaints and claims

If the client has a complaint prior  to or during the event, you shall noitfy the venue immediatley and we will do what we can to help. If any complaint or claim arises out of the booking or our performance of the contract to you, the client shall notify us immediatley
and provide written details within seven days of the event. The company or venue shall not be liable for any complaint or claim unless notified in writing within seven days of the event.

If two of more persons are named on the event booking sheet the liability is joint and several. This means that each person can be held fully responsible for all the responibilites under these terms and condtitions.

The agreement is subject to english law

The pavilion operates as a sporting venue. 1st september – Mid May we have an obligation to open our bar facilities untill 18.00 hrs every Saturday and Sunday to our registered teams and their supporters. Please be aware that mid – end August there will be friendly matches played outside – but no indoor use.
Evening customers may have access to the venue from 17.00 hrs this includes DJ’s bringing in their equipment
There may be an event in the function room next door. You and your guests will be required to share the balcony space with the other party

  • A deposit of £100.00 is required to secure the date and is non refundable. The balance of the room hire needs to be paid 1 month prior to the booking. All monies need to be paid in full before the event. All payments are to be made either by cash, credit or debit card – cheques are not accepted.
  • Children must be supervised at all times by an adult during your event. Children are not permitted to leave the room hired unless supervised by an adult
  • Decorations and any other equipments left and not collected within a 24 hour period after the function date will be disposed of without prior notice.
  • Decorations mounted on the walls are not to be put up with selotape / masking tape, thumb tacs or pins. This can result in damage to the interior decoration.
  • The pavilion operates a zero tolerance policy regarding any verbal or physical abuse. Any form of abuse will lead to your function being cancelled.
  • Smoking is only permitted in the designated areas only and from 1st January 2015 will no longer be allowed on the Balcony .
  • If you are lucky enough to look under 21, please do not be offended if you are asked to produce ID to prove your over 18. Persons without and proof of age will not be served. Persons buying alcohol  for underage guests will be asked to leave the premises.

Noise Levels and Information for DJs

Please be aware that Base bins are not permitted at the Pavilion.  If your DJ arrives with base bins they will be asked not to bring them inside the venue.

If  your  DJ exceeds a noise level deemmed to be unacceptable by our duty manager they will be asked to reduce the noise level.

DJs are not allowed to use the lift to move equipment to the 1st Floor

We operate a zero tolerance policy in relation to the use of drugs and illegal substances on the premises’. Any misuse will result in the termination of the event with no refund issued’.